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How to have a bright and healthy skin?

Is there really a way to whiten skin?

Many of you may be yearning for whiter skin.
Some people may wonder if it is possible to whiten the skin in the first place.
To lead to fair skin, you need to eliminate the causes of dark skin.
Here are four carefully selected methods to get beautiful white skin.

If you improve your skin condition, you can have brighter skin.
The cause of dark skin is lack of vitality, spots, freckles, dullness, sunburn, etc. Therefore, improving the condition of the skin will restore the skin to a natural lighter.

There are cases where the skin does not whiten easily despite continuing to take care of the skin to get white skin. This is because the causes of tanning, such as sunburn, remain unresolved.

Melanin pigment produced by ultraviolet rays causes the skin to become dull. In addition, if the regeneration process is slowed down due to aging or lifestyle disorders, the melanin pigment that cannot be eliminated completely will remain on the skin.

To prevent sunburn, you must not only wear sunscreen, but also use an umbrella, hat, and UV-protective innerwear. It's also important to review how you wash your face to avoid excessive friction or rubbing or peeling.

Women Sunburn

Causes of dark skin

Why is the skin dark? Let's take a closer look at the causes together.

・Melanin pigment
The pigment melanin is produced by cells called melanocytes when the skin is exposed to ultraviolet light . It has the ability to protect the skin from sun damage.

If melanin is not produced, UV rays can adversely affect DNA and increase the risk of skin cancer. So melanin is not necessarily a bad thing.

Melanin pigment is eliminated due to the circulation of the skin, so there is no need to worry about it will make the skin dark.
By adopting proper skin cleansing and lifestyle improvements to regulate skin turnover, dark spots and pigmentation can be prevented.

·UV rays
Ultraviolet rays cause burn-like symptoms on the surface of the skin. This causes the pigment melanin to be deposited on the skin causing the skin to darken.

Sunburn will improve over time, but in the case of a strong sunburn, the pigment melanin is produced in large amounts and may not be eliminated, resulting in spots and dullness.

・Dull skin due to dry or rough skin
When the skin is dry, the texture is disordered and uneven. Rough skin due to factors in the air or due to sebum, melanin pigment produced by inflammation, can lead to darkening of the skin.

When the skin is dry, the barrier function is impaired, which easily leads to skin irritation. Therefore, anti-dry skin measures are necessary to prevent dull, lifeless skin.

Causes of dry skin include lack of moisture, over-cleansing, sunburn, and dry air.
You can prevent dry skin by addressing all causes of dry skin and maintaining a daily skin care routine.

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4 ways to have bright, even skin tone

Let us introduce four handpicked methods for brighter skin.

・Use whitening cosmetics
Whitening cosmetics are cosmetics that contain ingredients that inhibit or promote the reduction of melanin pigment production. Whitening ingredients include vitamin C derivatives, tranexamic acid, hydroquinone and ellagic acid.

There are ingredients that block the production of melanin pigment, ingredients that promote pigmentation reduction, and ingredients that have both effects depending on the type of cosmetic.

Daily use of whitening cosmetics will result in less melanin spots and a more even skin tone.

・Use foods with effective skin whitening nutrients
Skin-whitening nutrients are nutrients that prevent or promote the reduction of melanin pigment production and also prevent the formation of lipid peroxides through their antioxidant effects.

Nutrients include vitamin C, vitamin E, lycopene and vitamin A. To get a good balance of nutrients for the whitening effect, eat enough vegetables, fruits and seafood.

Don't forget to also eat red peppers, tomatoes, almonds, strawberries and kiwis once a day as they are rich in nutrients that have a whitening effect.

・Adjust your life rhythm (sleep, exercise, avoid stress, etc.)
Regulate a moderate life rhythm to promote the discharge of melanin pigment. Cycling the skin life cycle requires growth hormone to be secreted in large amounts during a good night's sleep, as well as proteins and vitamins. Nutrients must also be supplied to the skin.

Practice moderate exercise to stimulate blood circulation. Excessive stress can cause blood vessel constriction and reduced blood flow. Since it's difficult to completely stop stress, try to relieve it often.

・Don't neglect UV protection
No matter how hard you use whitening cosmetics, you can't whiten your skin without UV protection.

The key to UV protection is to regularly reapply sunscreen.
Sunscreen will melt with sweat, so it needs to be reapplied even if it has a high SPF or PA.

In addition, use extra UV protective clothing, hats, sunglasses, to completely block UV rays.

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