Who is Clalac?

Green leaves

The idea and motivation to establish a brand started from witnessing daily worries and disappointments:

In Vietnam, ultraviolet rays (ultraviolet/UV) are very strong and fair skin is preferred, so people cannot comfortably go out during the day for fear of sunburn. Even if it's a beautiful summer day, you still feel afraid to go out, especially during the hot hours.

I spent a lot of time searching for UV protection clothes but most of the products sold on Shopee and Lazada are imported from China, cheap price, low quality. That makes me unhappy.

In addition, some UV protective clothing is sold by major companies, but none sell UV protective clothing of the same high quality as in Japan or Australia. However, the price is too high if you buy quality products from abroad.

The meaning behind the name Clalacc:

Claclac is a combination of Classy x Classic x Coexist ,
stands for the first three letters Cla of Classy and Classic with the letter C in Coexist placed at the end.

Classy means elegant and elite. We want people to use products that not only have high aesthetics in terms of appearance but also with the best quality. That's why we chose Classy as our top priority.

Classic means classic. The apparel industry has been mass producing trending clothing every year. When clothing styles become "out of fashion", they will be thrown away or thrown away. This inadvertently causes a huge amount of waste, as well as in the production process has bad effects on the environment. However, Clalacc does not mass produce trendy clothes, but produces just the right amount with simple, appropriate designs. Instead of following fashion trends, Clalacc chooses to provide products with long-term value and sustainability over time.

Coexist means living together. We hope Clalacc products will be a companion in women's lives. In addition, the garment industry is destroying the environment, but Clalacc always aspires to live with nature, without destroying the ecological environment.

With the above meanings, we decided to choose the brand name Claclac because we want to contribute to creating a world where women can freely go out without fear of UV rays or sunburn. . Clalacc wants to accompany you on the path to maintaining beauty and healthy, radiant skin.

Therefore, Claclac was born from the above foundations and followed by a journey to find materials:

We start by scrutinizing which materials are good for UV-protective clothing.

Among them, polyester is the most commonly used material. Despite its low cost and high performance, it has a negative impact on the environment and living organisms.

The main synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon and acrylic are made from plastic. First, the plastic must be melted in compatible incinerators specifically for plastics, otherwise they can create pollutants that are toxic to the human body. Another problem is that they do not break down easily in landfills. Polyester will take at least 300 years to fully decompose.

Moreover, chemical fibers easily separate into fibers and when a full load of chemical fibers is washed, about 700 000 microfibres are released. If these fibers are not captured by wastewater treatment facilities, they will contribute to marine pollution caused by microplastics, which has become a problem in recent years.

We know that the textile industry is the 2nd most polluting industry globally. And when we started our business, we wanted to build a sustainable, eco-friendly business model, not just chasing profits.

Then we found natural materials such as cotton and hemp but also some problems in the method of producing the materials.

The first problem is that UV-blocking chemicals are added during the dyeing process. Its disadvantage is that it is not durable because it will gradually lose its UV resistance after washing.

Cotton fiber is a common material but requires a large amount of water and requires the use of pesticides. To make a cotton t-shirt requires about 2700 liters of water and 7500 liters of water for a pair of jeans. This amount corresponds to 135 days and 375 days when converted into 20 liters of water, enough for a person to live for a day.

We almost gave up on the idea of ​​finding materials that are both UV resistant and environmentally friendly. But in the end, we also found that the most suitable fabric for the above criteria is bamboo fiber.

Bamboo fiber fabric is both a UV-resistant and environmentally friendly material:

Bamboo can block 98% of UV rays without the use of chemicals and does not lose function after washing. In addition, the exploitation of bamboo does not affect the ecosystem because bamboo grows very quickly, when the mature bamboo is cut for production, the bare land will be a growing place for young bamboo shoots.

Moreover, bamboo fiber fabric has the ability to decompose itself after 5 years, so it reduces the amount of garment waste that is harmful to the environment. If you want to know more benefits of bamboo fiber, please read the following article . product .

So why is bamboo material not widely used?

It is because bamboo fiber is more expensive than synthetic fiber. Today, in mass production, synthetic fibers are cheaper because they can be made in large quantities at once. In contrast, natural fibers are limited in quantity and material cultivation time, so the price is usually 3-5 times higher than that of conventional fabrics.

However, Claclac keeps the price lowest by connecting factories with customers through the shortest possible route, without going through any brokers or intermediaries.

Business flow

Although the price of our products is higher than that of other apparel brands in Vietnam, Claclac has kept the product price at half of the price of a specialized UV-resistant organic garment overseas.

Claclac is honored to help women be free and comfortable to go out even during the day or even on hot summer days when wearing Claclac's clothes. Hope you will trust and accompany Clalacc to create a world without too much concern about ultraviolet rays.