Product commitment

3 commitments on Clalacc sunscreen products

1. Fabric technology meets UPF50+ standard
UV rays make skin dark, melasma, freckles even when you wear clothes.
Therefore, to avoid these harmful effects, you should wear UV-protective clothing. Claclac uses top-of-the-line fabric that blocks 98% of UVA/UVB rays, giving you ultimate UPF50+ protection. UPF50+ is the highest UV protection index.

Some fabrics cannot achieve UPF50+ without chemical treatments, especially delicate fabrics, certain fabric components and colors. If these chemicals are not tightly held in the fabric structure at the time of manufacture or are released after washing, the UPF level will decrease, which means low sun and UV protection.

However, Clalacc sunscreen products do not have this concern.
Clalacc uses 55% bamboo + 40% cvc (premium cotton fiber) + 5% spandex, combined with high technology to help prevent UV rays without using chemicals. Therefore, the sun protection effect is not lost after washing.

Claclac specifically uses a fabric that applies double spinning technology, also known as "siro spinning", which greatly improves the strength and evenness of the yarn, reducing ruffles. The spinning syrup will help pull the two fibers tightly, while the spinning will merge the two fibers into one to ensure durability, thickness, strength, uniformity but still enough breathability on the fabric.

Therefore, you can buy our products with confidence. Claclac sun protection clothes have lasting UV protection even after many washings.

2. Natural bamboo fiber fabric

Bamboo is known to be a natural UV resistant material, blocking 98% of UV rays. It helps protect the skin from the sun and avoid skin cancer.

In addition, bamboo also has a few good properties below:
・Good sweat absorption
This is thanks to the fiber structure. Bamboo fiber fabric has 3-4 times higher water absorption capacity than cotton fabric.
・Air conditioning
Bamboo fiber fabric has the ability to retain heat flexibly, can keep the body cool in hot weather and keep warm in cold windy weather.
Antibacterial, deodorant
Bamboo contains chlorophyll, which deodorizes body sweat, inhibits the activity of bacteria and mold by up to 75%.
Excellent ventilation thanks to micro-perforations in the fabric. You will feel fresher for longer and this helps to limit the amount of washing, so the clothes also last longer.
Safe for even sensitive skin
Studies show that bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic and safe for even sensitive skin.

3. Professional ethics

For decades, the apparel industry has been dominated by "fast fashion" because of its low cost, mass production and consumption. It is this structure that has pushed the garment industry to become the second most polluted industry in the world.

However, we need to create products that are not only profitable for the company, but also care about people, society and the environment.
We aspire to be an ethical brand that not only provides high quality products but also focuses on reducing waste on the environment.

The exploitation of bamboo does not affect the ecosystem because of its rapid development. When mature bamboo is cut down for production, the bare ground will be an opportunity for young bamboo shoots to grow. It is full of life, water is all bamboo needs to grow, no pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Therefore, we choose bamboo as the main material in garment production because of its excellent and environmentally friendly features.

Nowadays, everything can be done at a lower cost and without requiring much in terms of quality. For this reason, many companies buy cheap goods in bulk from China or import cheap fabrics and do mass processing in our country. But this method is not sustainable.

We also wish to contribute to the economic development of Vietnam, protect the culture and promote the production technology of the country. Therefore, Clalacc decided to manufacture all products in Vietnam, where raw materials, technology and human resources are available.