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Can your skin still darken even when sitting indoors?

It's no wonder that prolonged exposure to the sun can cause damage and sunburn to your skin. But can you get sun damage through a window? The answer may surprise you.

Taking sun safety precautions is essential to avoid sunburn and minimize the risk of wrinkles and, more seriously, skin cancer.

There are many myths surrounding whether you can get sunburned through a window or whether your skin can darken through a window. While you may feel protected from the sun when sitting behind a window in your home or in a car, the reality is that UV rays can still penetrate glass windows.


Is it possible to get tan from sitting near a window?

The answer to this question is whether UV rays can pass through glass. This depends on the type of window glass and not all windows are the same in terms of UV protection.

Ultraviolet rays are light waves from the sun and can reach us in stealthy ways. We need to worry about two types of UV rays, UVA and UVB, because they can reach the earth.

  • UVA rays : rays with longer wavelengths and lower intensity but penetrate deeper into the skin and cause tanning. UVA rays are the cause of skin aging and wrinkles because they break down collagen fibers - an important component that helps increase skin elasticity. In addition, UVA rays can contribute to skin cancer.

  • UVB rays: rays with shorter wavelengths that only penetrate the surface layers of the skin. UVB rays are stronger, damage the skin's DNA and are the cause of sunburn. This type of light also stimulates the body to produce vitamin D but is thought to cause a higher rate of skin cancer.

Since ultraviolet rays can penetrate glass, most commonly UVA rays, you can get a tan while sitting next to a window.
Of course, it will depend on the length of exposure, but since UVA rays are not blocked by most glasses, you may experience sun damage.


Sunscreen solution

It may seem nearly impossible to avoid sunburn and other types of skin damage from the sun, but a few quick adjustments you can make in your daily life will have a dramatic impact on your skin's health. your overall skin.

  • UV protective clothing: one of the best skin barriers to prevent damage and easy to incorporate into your daily activities
  • Sunscreen: reduce your skin's UV exposure by wearing sunscreen daily
  • Sunglasses: wear sunglasses all year round to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays

In fact, sunlight from a window may not be the only cause of your tan even when you're indoors.
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